Customized Protected Electric Motors for Intense Environments


Since 1948, MOTEURS JM designs, manufactures in its Normandy based plant special air-cooled, water-cooled asynchronous and synchronous Electric Motors for clients located all over the World.



We focus on Protected electric motors, designed for demanding environments, i.e. temperature, humidity, salinity, aggressive gas, vacuum, pressure, dust, irradiation, vibration…, in the small to medium range of power (from 1 to 500 kW), based on client’s technical specific requirements.



We are servicing clients in the Heat Treatment industry, Nuclear industry, Military marine/submarine and other applications... .

We are opened to all challenges.



All our employees, engineers, technicians, machine operators, support & administrative employees, know how to solve problems and achieve where others renounce. The laws of physics don't lie.




ISO 9001, DESP97/23-CODAP for pressure equipment and IEX-ATEX for explosive atmospheres, certified, we are very stringent on quality, durability & performance.



We will be happy to offer you the best technical solutions.



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